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This was one of the most challenging builds to date. Not for the scale of the build, but for the design and assembly difficulties. First I needed a great design that my client would enjoy – not your standard 2×4 bunk bed you see on YouTube someone knocks out over a weekend (no offense, I wish I did that) LOL. But it needed to be cool AND safe obviously. I think (and my client thinks) we’ve met the challenge and then some. It came out better than I hoped, with all the details thought out over the 2 month process. Designed & built in the shop, then taken apart and transported to its final lake house destination and re-assembled for the next generation to enjoy… and yes, he loved it too! This was a tough one, but in the end, I love my job! šŸ™‚

Nautical Theme Lake House Bunk Bed with Trundle… sleeps 4 kiddos in style. 100% made by Hammerhead Woodworks – from the beds to the stairs… from the headboard to the drawers and paddles.

And, while we were there, a sliding door for the bathroom.

What can we build for you?!

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