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It always takes longer to do your own remodel with clients jobs in the works. Had a quick pause from built-ins and attacked our own kitchen. The old one was somewhat functional, but very outdated and certainly NOT our style. We always like a two-tone look, but instead of doing two paint colors, my wife loves the stained alder uppers (and I have to agree). Took many sample color trials before we finally made our own blend to get what we wanted.

The final outcome is much more functional and turned out exactly what we wanted. We are stroked about the backsplash tile as well… turned them vertical for a rainfall look. Fought my wife for 2 mins over that – but of course, she won… and I’m SO glad I listened to her eye!

Our cat got into the construction too… well, you can say she jumped in anyway.

What can we build for you?!

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