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I love woodworking and I love to make people happy with my work. I’ve been very lucky to have such wonderful customers over the past 20+ years… but some really stand out as some of my finest builds and most appreciated clients.

Why the “Mighty Mo” Dining Table?

Here is this tables story…

I was approached by a sweet family around Thanksgiving to help them with a dining table build. It was to be built by another woodworker, but they couldn’t get it done in time. SO, they asked me and I accepted.

This was not an easy build (seems easy – just a table)… but this one had a lot of “one-shot” chances. The time-line left nothing for mistakes. The wood for the top had to be milled, jointed, planed, glued and sanded to create the top. This process takes a long time. After that, the “inlays” for the flag and river had to be routed into the top. (Again, NO 2nd chance here). The table is so long (over 8’) that it had to be routed in 3 sections.

The next step, was the Flag Inlay portion. This is where the “Mighty Mo” come into the picture. The dark stripes on the flag are actual pieces of decking from the USS Missouri Battleship. My clients got some on their trip to Hawaii where the ship is on display today. The pieces had to be cut and planed and glued into the cutout along with some other pieces of ash and mahogany to form the flag.

The next step was to pour the epoxy for the “River”. (Another no do-over – as if this is not done correctly – the entire build is toast). Epoxy takes 3-4 days to fully cure, so I was on the hurry up and wait now. Then final sanding for over 8 hours through many grits to get it smooth and ready for the final color. Stained, oiled and many coats of topcoat to finish this project ready for delivery to the family.

The couple are both newly retired Army… 30 and 20 years between them. The reason for the table in such a short timeframe was this is the first Christmas together with their family in MANY years and I could NOT let them down.

I can’t tell you how relived I was to be able to present this to them and get it done in time and with happy faces. Makes my job even more fulfilling!

As a gift… I made them a walnut cutting board honoring their time serving our great country.

What can we build for you?!

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